Content Managment Systems

Static websites have become a thing of the past, and nowadays every company that wants to be successful now opts for dynamic websites that provide the user with more features and a more enjoyable user experience. A good company website must have the right amount of extras and functions that will browsing more enjoyable, but won’t clutter the user interface.

WebHunch is a web development company with years of experience and creating content management systems for our clients is one of our favorite jobs. A content management system allows the client to easily edit, remove and add content to his website via a user-friendly interface. Of course, every CMS has its pros and cons, so it would be up to you to tell us what exactly you want to see in your website. Our professionally-trained and experienced web designers will make sure that all your desires are fulfilled, and that your website is better than the ones of your competitors.

On the Internet you can find many open source content management systems and this is why our CMS services can be split in two groups:

  • Creating a custom CMS from scratch
  • Providing the client with an open source CMS solution.

Inexperienced Internet users are usually not familiar with all the pros and cons of open source content management systems, but with our help they can make the right choice for their website. In the next few lines our specialists will tell you a bit more about custom and open source CMS.

Custom CMS

A custom content management system is unique and suits all your needs and requirements. Using such a system brings you a lot of benefits:

  • You won’t have to install 3rd party plugins and applications
  • You’ll have a completely unique system
  • Malicious users won’t be able to exploit your system

Basically, a custom CMS can be as simple as a forum or as complex as a massive Internet portal with tons of features, functions and addons. The major disadvantage of using Custom CMS is that they are very costly and generally not suitable for small businesses and personal websites.
Open source CMS

Using an open source CMS is much cheaper, because you won’t have to cover development costs. These systems are recommended to small local businesses or personal websites, because they have the necessary features for this purpose, and aren’t too expensive.

Our open source CMS solutions include:

  • Installing and configuring an open source content management system
  • Editing it according to your instructions
  • Creating a unique template
  • Installing and enhancing plugins

Meaningless which CMS solution you choose, you can be sure that the specialists working for WebHunch will build you a website that will help you beat your competitors.

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