There are many methods that a company owner can use to promote his products and services. Some of our clients prefer building an eye-catching website and ranking it on top of Google’s search results while others opt for older methods that have proven their functionality numerous times. One of the popular offers of WebHunch is email marketing.

The designers, web developers and marketing specialists working for us combine their knowledge in order to deliver one of he most affordable, reliable and efficient email marketing services in India. We can create unique and interesting newsletters, surveys and emails which will then be automatically send to all your clients. We can also set up autoresponders and do much more to improve your email marketing campaign.

We’ve been providing email marketing solutions for several months now and we’ve proven our efficiency many times. We keep track of the campaigns of all our clients and do the necessary corrections in order to optimize their efficiency. Some of the things which our email marketing service can include are:

  • Creating professionally designed HTML messages and newsletters
  • Creating and managing email lists
  • Connecting your email marketing campaign with other marketing tools nad projects
  • Securely sending all emails
  • Setting up personalized messages for particular email addresses
  • Regularly sending pre-made email newsletters with one single click

The design of an email is as important as the design of a website. This is why you should let our designers pick the composition, color scheme and font of your emails. We’ll make sure that your emails look professional and are branded with your company’s logo and name. All our templates are unique, eye-catching and based on your company’s purpose.

Apart from designing email templates from scratch, our designers can also convert a PSD template. All you have to do is provide us with the PSD files and in a few days your template will be ready for use.

Email marketing isn’t an easy job and you should leave it in the hands of the professionals working at WebHunch. Our professional email marketing solutions are unmatched when it comes to price and quality, and you can be sure that the latest news about your company will reach your target audience via email.

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