Responsive Websites

Responsive web design is a fairly new trend, but it has become a necessity due to the diversity of devices used to browse the Internet. Nowadays people use smartphones, tablets and computers of all types to access the Internet and each one of these devices supports a different resolution and has a different screen size. A regular web design will work well on some devices, but bad on others, while responsive web design automatically changes itself depending on the device and browser you use. Although many people still prefer to use a classic website combined with a mobile version of it, it seems like responsive web design is the future of websites.

What Are the Most Important Features Of Responsive Web Design

  • A grid-based layouts that relies on resizing
  • Flexible media and images that change themselves via CSS or dynamic resizing
  • Media queries.

The main idea behind responsive layout is to cater the user’s needs by resizing and optimizing the website according to his device’s capabilities. For example, a website with a responsive design and layout will look exactly the same on a 22” monitor, 8” tablet and a 5” smartphone. Using a responsive website design will save you a lot of money and your website will be perfectly optimized for all types of devices.

If you are wondering if you should opt for a responsive website design, then you should think about the development of computer monitors, tablets and smartphones. Monitors are becoming larger with each year and they support higher resolutions. It would be a waste of money to separately optimize your website for absolutely every resolution and screen size. Thanks to a responsive web design, you can have a website that will work great on absolutely any device.

We at WebHunch know that responsive layouts will be the next big thing, so we try to convince all our clients to take advantage of this unique innovation. Our web designers and developers are ready to prepare a responsive layout that fully meets your requirements and budget.

Apart from building responsible websites from scratch, you can also use our services in order to convert your current website to a responsive layout. There isn’t a website which we can’t turn into a responsive one – our developers work equally well with small personal websites, medium-sized business websites and large content management systems with hundreds of pages of content.

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